THROUGH THE YEARS… Celebrating 25 Years of Design Excellence! 2001-2003

September 21, 2017   
Thorburn Associates is proud to have worked on a variety of projects throughout our first 25 years! 2001: Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and Offices, Santa Clara, California.  Phased construction of this three building replacement project included a hospital, medical office

Product Viewpoint: For Small Theaters, Digital Cinema Has Benefits For Big Theaters, Stick with Film (for now)

April 1, 2008   
The needs of museums, educational institutions and conferencing venues differ from those of the cineplex, and digital cinema as it is right now does not always meet them. There are benefits: print cost goes away, the last run of the

Project Highlight: Bartlett High School

April 1, 2007   
Bartlett High School has a multi-function auditorium that doubles as a public venue for Performing Arts in Anchorage, Alaska. Designed and built on a high school budget, this theatre, “rivals that of the Anchorage Performance Arts Center,” said Jack Thomasen,