Project Profile: The Littoral Warfare Training Center Briefing Room

The Littoral Warfare Training Center Briefing Room at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is undergoing a comprehensive architectural modernization, replacement of the mechanical systems, and an update of the audiovisual technology. The facility is primarily used to train military personnel on coastal landing and combat tactics. The Briefing Room is a large tiered classroom that combines computer presentations, mapping data, and live broadcast video feeds. Video conference applications allow remote field sites to join in with the Center’s personnel.

A key objective was to work within the military base procurement process to develop a design package that could be released with the construction package allowing the general contractor to act as a single point of contact for the whole project. This needed to happen while meeting strict technical system requirements to provide interoperability with existing training center spaces and fit into a tight construction schedule.

TA worked with the owner to perform an analysis of the display requirements early in the project to determine projection angles, screen location and image size to meet objectives that will fit within the constraints of the current facility. This allowed the architectural design to move forward while meeting the Center’s needs.

The old system used dual projection screens at the front of the room along with two rear projection enclosures along each side wall to supplement the main displays. The new design utilizes a single high definition format rear projection screen. In addition, the control room serves as the head end for cable TV system. Twisted pair video solution was implemented to reduce conduit requirements and simplify the cable installation. Lighting and HVAC systems were connected to the AV control system so that touch panels within the room could control these functions remotely.

Special considerations were made for “confidential” briefings by including a cell phone detector which alerts the room operator to any active cell phones within a given radius. In addition, encrypted wireless microphone systems are used within the room when the security level is low enough to allow their use. Presentations requiring higher security use only wired microphones.