Quiet Floors

Floor systems in multifamily housing are getting thinner and lighter in weight. Both of these work against a successful acoustical design. To overcome this we are constantly looking at and reviewing new products. Something that has caught our eye is a product from Pennsylvania based Dodge-Regupol.

Dodge-Regupol, Inc. (DRI) was founded in 1989 through a partnership between Dodge Cork and Germany based BerleburgerSchaumstoffwerk (BSW). Combining over 100 years of similar experience, cultures and technologies, Dodge Cork and BSW quickly established DRI as North America’s lowest cost producer of cork, cork/rubber and recycled rubber materials. Now one of the world’s largest users of scrap tire rubber, DRI relies on proprietary state-of-the art technology to clean, recycle and convert over 35 million pounds of scrap tires (growing 30% annually) for the manufacture of a broad range of rubber products including Regupol-QT.

Regupol-QT is made from 100% recycled rubber and is a floor underlayment that reduces impact noise transfer from the floor above to the unit below. Their laboratory test reports show an Impact Isolation Class (IIC) improvement of over 20 points in “before” and “after” testing using their 5mm system, and 25 points using their 10mm system. Regupol-QT can be used in either concrete slab or wood frame construction and is compatible with all types of floor finishes including tile, wood or vinyl.

Now for the legal disclaimer: As with all products that have been designed to improve our acoustical environment, they are items that must be properly incorporated in the design of a project. There are no acoustical silver bullets, this information has been provided as a service to our clients to highlight new products and technology we come across.