Sound Control by PAC International Inc.

A product that competes with Resilient Channels is the Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC) available from PAC International. Inc. The RSIC-1 clip combined with a 7/8-inch furring channel can achieve sound transmission class (STC) ratings of 62 in wall assemblies and impact isolation class (IIC) ratings of 82 in floor-ceiling assemblies.

The RSIC-1 clips can be attached to wood, steel, concrete, or CMU; have been tested in acoustical laboratories; and are “Classified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL)” for use in over 150 UL Fire Resistive Design Assemblies. It can be used to support other lightweight items such as Bathroom Fans and Light fixtures as well as garage door openers from the floor on the unit above. for more information.

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