Focus on Lighting: Taking Control of Architectural Lighting

October 1, 2011   
Architectural lighting should be designed to complement your needs and as your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt accordingly.  Lighting controls are the answer.  Several options are available to help make your environment and your life more

The Low-Down on Noise Canceling Headphones

December 1, 2006   
In a recent meeting, the gauntlet was tossed to us. I want to get a set of noise canceling headphones for Christmas, what should I ask Santa for? As a leader in helping make things quiet we eagerly took up

Ceiling-mounted Microphones

April 1, 2006   
When you need to hear clear speech in a large room and table microphones are not an option, consider Tandberg Audio Science ceiling-mounted microphones. Speech intelligibility is paramount for meeting areas, classrooms—any large space where the sound must be amplified

Sleigh AeroNautical Test Area Laboratories Project Update

November 1, 2004   
Thorburn Associates has been commissioned to assist Kris Kringle with a very unique project this holiday season. Due to the ever-increasing population of children worldwide, Santa has outfitted his sleigh with jet engines to enable him to reach more children

Loudspeaker Technology

January 1, 2004   
Over the past few years, thanks to digital signal processing, audio designers have been able to develop arrays of loudspeakers. By grouping loudspeaker boxes with special signal processing the coverage area can be changed and controlled. This type of design

Retail Design

October 1, 2003   
Themed Retail is a balance between saturation of exposure to audio and video stimuli in “teen” departments versus the peace and serenity of high-end jewelry/perfume departments. Far too often, the energetic, loud, vibrant, environment in a young teenager/juniors environment is

Fiberboard Facts

June 1, 1997   
By whatever name you call it: Fiberboard, Beaver board, sound-deadening board, CelotexTM, or HomasoteTM, this material seems to be making a comeback with potential acoustical uses. But before you decide to add it to your next project, you should know