Ceiling-mounted Microphones

When you need to hear clear speech in a large room and table microphones are not an option, consider Tandberg Audio Science ceiling-mounted microphones.

Speech intelligibility is paramount for meeting areas, classrooms—any large space where the sound must be amplified in order to reach the audience. A great deal of extraneous sound can compete with the spoken word: ventilation noise, scraping chairs, footsteps, and rustling papers, for example. The Tandberg Audio Science is directional to better control what the sound system picks up.

Because rooms are often reconfigured for other functions, these ceiling microphones allow flexibility without the need to fuss with table mounts or moving any cabling.

One Tandberg ceiling microphone can replace up to six conventional microphones because it has a reach of 14 feet. With no hardware to knock over or distract, the technology doesn’t interfere with the event. No wires to tangle and trip on means less damage and wear on the equipment.

While we don’t recommend ceiling mounted microphones for every application, working with an Audiovisual consultant early in the design process can help insure the successful integration of a ceiling mounted product with the architectural style.