Assessing Environmental Impacts – Air Quality

September 1, 2005   
Often times when the noise quality is affected, so too is the air quality. For example, when a sound wall is built to reduce traffic noise, that same sound wall can “trap” vehicle emissions, and have a derogatory impact on

Assessing Environmental Impacts – Noise Quality

July 1, 2005   
So, your local newspaper just announced that a major developer wants to put in a new mixed-use project. They want to tear down existing buildings, create new roads, add public areas, and put in several new buildings with underground parking,

Environmental Acoustics

May 1, 2005   
Determining if what one hears is “sound” or “noise” can be a difficult task. What is music to one person is a loud racket to another – just ask any parents with teenage children! It also depends on the time