Residential Wall Mounts for TV’s – Things to Think About – If you Must!

January 15, 2014   
Many issues must be addressed when mounting a TV on the wall in a Condominium, Apartment or Townhome. Most Condos have aluminum studs. These are great for construction but make it a little hard to attach and support the weight

The Elusive System Check Out

October 17, 2011   
Increasingly, in both our home and work environments, we live in a world of automation. And, accordingly, our demands have risen just beyond the limits of reasonable expedemands ctation. Is it any wonder, then, that we frequently hear “What do

Focus on Technology: Overhead Microphone Systems

December 1, 2009   
Your ears are really good acoustical measurement tools. Sit in a space alone sometime, clear your mind, and see how many different sounds you can identify. Very often, you will be able to pick out five or six sounds and

Focus on Acoustics: Acoustically Integrated Architecture in the LEED Era, Part I

February 1, 2009   
The concept of Acoustically Integrated aRchitecture (AIR – a term coined by Thorburn Associates) is basic enough: AIR is a best practice in which the interface of disciplines (architecture, acoustics, AV engineering, lighting, interior design, etc.) creates spaces that foster

Great Expectations

November 1, 2008   
Do you know what your client expects from a project? Currently, we’re experiencing life from the client side of the fence, and learning from the experience. Thorburn Associates is expanding its offices in North Carolina. We grew, we ran out

Project Highlight: City of Raleigh Wastewater Treatment Training Centers

August 1, 2008   
CHALLENGE: The City of Raleigh sought to create three new training spaces at three separate wastewater treatment facilities. Two of the spaces were new construction, while the third was a renovation of existing space. The city wanted each of the

Project Highlight: University of Illinois Speech Language Pathology Clinic

June 1, 2008   
When the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign decided to expand their Speech Language Pathology Clinic to a second location they wanted it to provide a state-of-the-art site that facilitated best practices in both education and speech-language therapy. For not only

Quiet Curtains: A Product with Potential

February 1, 2008   
Draperies and curtains have long been used as a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and adjustable means of acoustic treatment within a room. The thick, heavy fabric provides useful sound absorption and reverberation control, especially at middle and high frequencies. Quiet Curtains

When is a Project a Success?

March 29, 2005   
When is a project a success? When it is done? When you are paid? When you have not had call backs? When you were not sued?! For us, it is when the customer is happy. We have given them something

Tech Notes: Ceiling Mounted Microphones – A Solution or a Problem?

June 1, 1993   
With hopes of eliminating tabletop or podium microphones, End Users, Designers and Architects frequently ask, “What about sticking them on the ceiling?”  Usually, what seems like an easy solution is not the best solution. Ceiling mounted microphones are not recommended