Residential Wall Mounts for TV’s – Things to Think About – If you Must!

Many issues must be addressed when mounting a TV on the wall in a Condominium, Apartment or Townhome. Most Condos have aluminum studs. These are great for construction but make it a little hard to attach and support the weight of a wall mounted TV.

Most new LED TV’s have built-in loudspeakers. To save space and to keep the bezels small around the TV the loudspeakers are now rear firing. This tends to make it difficult to find the proper volume level – always adjusting the volume up and down. If you have mounted the TV on a shared wall with your neighbor, you may be sharing a lot of sound as well.

The mounts that are in use today are very thin. Most people want the TV mounted close to the wall; it looks cool. The problem is that most cables and power cords cannot fit behind the TV once connected. There are wall plates and even power boxes you can install that recess the connections – however this means you need to cut a hole in the wall.  If it is your wall you can decide if you want to “get away with it”.  If it is a common wall with a neighbor, you have to ask yourself – did I just make a sound leak in the wall – even more importantly did I just affect the fire rating of the wall.   On an even scarier note, we have seen installations where the homeowner dropped an extension cord in the wall and connected it to a wall receptacle!