Focus on Technology: FCC Orders Frequency Changes for Wireless Microphones to Make Room for new 4G Wireless

February 1, 2010   
Guess what? The AV industry is the small kid on the block… If you are in the US you have likely seen the commercials for Verizon and AT&T cellular data coverage plans. The new 4G wireless systems are available, in

Ceiling-mounted Microphones

April 1, 2006   
When you need to hear clear speech in a large room and table microphones are not an option, consider Tandberg Audio Science ceiling-mounted microphones. Speech intelligibility is paramount for meeting areas, classrooms—any large space where the sound must be amplified

Audio Considerations in Teleconferencing – “Can You Hear Me?”

June 1, 1995   
Teleconferencing, holding meetings by an electronic means, is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The word “teleconferencing” means different things to different people. Teleconferencing can range from a conference call with speaker phones to a system with