Focus on Technology: Visual Presentation Spaces, Part I Understanding the 468 Rule

August 1, 2010   
Designing presentation facilities can be challenging, but the basic principles are not difficult. Each project and venue comes with its own set of variables and limitations that require some analysis to determine how to create the most optimal conditions. The

Product Review: RP Visuals ULTRAFLEX Screen

April 1, 2010   
We came across a new product from RP Visuals ( that may be the answer to your screen problems. The bendable ULTRAFLEX projection screen ships in a cylinder as small as 40-inches in diameter. Once on-site, it is unrolled, tensioned

Product Review: Vikuiti Rear Projection Film

August 1, 2006   
Vikuiti enhanced screens are ideal for areas where light changes and cannot be controlled. Video walls, digital signage applications, flashy retail and trade-show graphics benefit from the consistent display that Vikuiti lends to the screen. The multi-layered film doesn’t make

Digital IMAX

September 1, 2004   
Earlier this month at the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSTA) conference in Montréal, we had the chance to see Spiderman 2 on a big, IMAX size screen. If you have not been to an IMAX or other Large Format Cinema