Residential Wall Mounts for TV’s – Things to Think About – If you Must!

January 15, 2014   
Many issues must be addressed when mounting a TV on the wall in a Condominium, Apartment or Townhome. Most Condos have aluminum studs. These are great for construction but make it a little hard to attach and support the weight

Talk It Out

March 20, 2008   
Information management. That is what project management really consists of: Information management, i.e. communication. As project managers, we need to be responsible information managers. We need to keep people informed of when and what items are needed to keep the

Devil In The Details

July 18, 2005   
Let’s look at the word “submittal.” The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language’s third definition of submittal is: to commit (something) to the consideration or judgment of another. From a consultant’s point of view, submittals are printed documents or