The Villages Golf

San Jose, California

Set along a sunny hillside, The Villages is an active senior citizen community whose central attraction is its golf course and adjacent country club. This is a place for the residents to gather, dine together, spend some time at the pro shop, attend a banquet, or just relax in the central plaza area. The clubhouse is also used for community information meetings, parties, musical concerts, theatre performances, dances, holiday festivities, and worship services.

The club building is a one story structure covering 14,400 square feet. It houses a bar/lounge area, divisible meeting and dining rooms, a grille, and a kitchen. The architect, Kenneth Rodrigues & Partners, Inc. stressed the importance of acoustical treatments and sound isolation as a consideration for the guests of the clubhouse. Low background noise levels were essential to aid in speech intelligibility within the facility.

To meet the criteria necessary, rooftop HVAC units and associated ductwork were isolated to prevent transmission of mechanical noise. Sound isolation constructions for walls and ceilings around the kitchen were also important to suppress the busy noises of a crew preparing meals. Walls and floors which would reverberate from the drop of of a dish or scrape of a chair had to be treated with suitable materials to prevent hearing aid wearers from suffering from the clatter.

The audiovisual system for this clubhouse contains a radio frequency hearing assistance system, multiple audio inputs, portable and ceiling-mounted projection equipment, distributed ceiling-mounted loudspeakers, video monitors, paging capabilities, an audio control system which is simple to operate, and provisions for the future installation of a cable broadcast system.

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