THROUGH THE YEARS…Celebrating 25 Years of Design Excellence!


Thorburn Associates is proud to have worked on a variety of projects throughout our first 25 years!


On Lok cropped 3-625x1-75
1992: On Lok Larkin Senior Housing, San Francisco, California. TA provided analysis and recommendations to control traffic and HVAC noise impacting a 30+ unit senior housing and community center building which overlooks a busy SF intersection. The facility includes dental and hospital services for the residents.


Chiryu cropped 3-625x1-75

1993: Chiryu Street Scene, Chiryu, Japan. Concept development and design of a multi-media presentation system which integrates the lobby of three special effects theaters into a large nighttime entertainment venue. System design included computer interface to a SGI generator, 3 camera video production systems, 5×5-screen video wall, 7 laserdiscs, SVHS, 2 cable tuners, background audio, and stage production/public announcement system. The system design was the basis of a new themed destination/cinema attraction located in various malls and shopping complexes throughout the world. Finally we spent a week on site commissioning and testing the systems.


Lombard Street cropped 5-125 x 3-5

1994: Lombard Street – Private Residence, San Francisco, California.
Sound levels were measured during the tourist season for a private residence on Lombard Street to document the isolation provided by the front porch façade. This was followed up with recommendations for isolating the interior of the home from noise made by late night tourist visits as they continued their party activities down the street.


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