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Project Highlight: New London Presbyterian Church Builds, Its Future

Just in time for Thanksgiving-Christmas 2007, The New London Presbyterian Church, of New London, PA, opened its brand-new, 50,000-square-foot facility, using a two-story, two-phase design by AE Technologies. The finished first phase – a complete facility with a sanctuary for 700 – will support future growth through adding a second unit that mirrors the first…. Read more »

Product Review: LiveWires—Custom Fit In-Ear Monitors

LiveWires, from Earpeace Technologies, is a truly unique holiday gift for the music lover in your life. Because Livewires are custom fit (an impression is made of your ear by an audiologist) these in-ear monitors are amazingly comfortable and produce exceptional sound. In-ear monitors (IEM’s) are like earbuds inserted directly into the ear. Unlike earbuds,… Read more »

Project Highlight: University of South Florida Joint Military Science Leadership Center

Our military forces require more collaboration between branches than ever before. At the University of South Florida (USF) Joint Military Science Leadership Center (JMSLC) the goal is to provide the skills that facilitate that collaboration with a commitment to educate and train military officers to be prepared for leadership roles. The JMSLC focuses on developing… Read more »

Digital Signage Update

Digital Signage is gaining widespread acceptance. When Eric Cronwall, one of TA’s Senior Audiovisual Consultants, first presented a technical session on digital signage at InfoComm in 2003, digital signage was in its infancy in the U.S. Back then, this new use for AV display technologies tied with networks for the creation, distribution and management of… Read more »

High Definition Video-conferencing Provides Effective Real Communication

High Definition (HD) video communications are redefining what people expect from video-conferencing. With higher definition quality, the image is much clearer—enabling meetings to be natural and productive. The image resolution is over nine times better than traditional video-conferencing. To help understand the differences between standard and HD video-conferencing we need to discuss resolution, frame rates,… Read more »

Product Perusal: Fire-Rated Back Boxes

Back boxes have long been available for small applications such as loudspeakers, recessed lights or electrical boxes. They provide a fire-rated casing to separate these items from the insulation within a wall. Now you can get a back box big enough for a Plasma, LCD or TV screen. The result is that the front of… Read more »

Project Highlight: Bartlett High School

Bartlett High School has a multi-function auditorium that doubles as a public venue for Performing Arts in Anchorage, Alaska. Designed and built on a high school budget, this theatre, “rivals that of the Anchorage Performance Arts Center,” said Jack Thomasen, an early visitor to the space. Thorburn Associates’ involvement in the project included: Provided high… Read more »

Product Perusal: Zigbee

Zigbee is a low power consumption WiPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network). Zigbee is a protocol, similar to Bluetooth technology, which runs the WiPAN for low data rates. It is geared toward remote controlled technology to extend battery life. For example, the remote control at a podium or teaching station can use Zigbee to signal the… Read more »