Continuing Education

We have contributed to a number of publications and presentations with AIA.


The following are past presentations that have been given by our staff at different events. These courses are also registered for continuing education credits with AIA as noted.

Acoustics in Architecture – AIA Course Number TA-A01, 4 Learning Units

Advanced Acoustics – AIA Course Number TA-A03, 4 Learning Units

Audiovisual System Integration Issues for Owners/Facilities Managers – AIA Course Number TA-T04, 2 Learning Units

Defining the Perfect Teaching Station For Colleges and Universities – AIA Course Number TA-T01, 2 Learning Units

How to Issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP) To Hire Audiovisual Designers and Contractors – AIA Course Number TA-T02, 2 Learning Units

Introduction to Acoustics – AIA Course Number TA-A02, 4 Learning Units

Presentation Facility Design and Integration – AIA Course Number TA-T05, 4 Learning Units

Videoconferencing from the Camera’s Point of View – AIA Course Number TA-T03, 2 Learning Units

Journal Articles