Home Theater Equation

Bigger is not always better, or at least that’s the case with televisions, plasma and LCD projection screens. This week, more big-screen TV’s are sold due to Super Bowl-mania than any other time of year.

Some considerations:

How big is the room?
Where will you normally be sitting?
How far away from the screen is that?

If you sit closer to the screen you want a higher resolution display. Further away, you can have a lesser quality, more inexpensive screen. You don’t want the image to overwhelm you. Too close and you can see the pixels refreshing.

Some guidelines for wide-screen (HDTV) displays:

Size of Screen
Distance from Screen
20 inch 5 feet
40 inch 10 feet
50 inch 12.5 feet
64 inch 15.5 feet
80 inch 20 feet

The home theater equation requires much the same considerations as office videoconferencing. The screen should be in a place that doesn’t get a lot of glare from outside. A windowless room or windows with black-out shades is desirable.

Neutral colored walls behind where people sit helps keep distractions low. Carpeting is better than wood or hard surfaced flooring for better acoustics.

Whether creating a home theater or a videoconferencing center, an audiovisual consultant can be of great help in determining equipment needs. Enjoy the game!