Invisible Loudspeakers

Stealth Acoustics produces a family of invisible, flat-panel loudspeakers, designed for flush wall or ceiling mounting that sound great!

The new loudspeakers from Stealth Acoustics offer a truly invisible loudspeaker solution for whole house audio, surround sound, paging, masking, foreground music, board room audio and other applications that require a full-range loudspeaker with wide dispersion. Installation is simple, as the loudspeaker mounts to industry standard 16 inch wall stud framing during construction, fits into a standard 2×4 wall depth and can be thought of and treated as a piece of sheet-rock. The final wall finish may consist of any light texture and paint or normal weight wallpaper. For high-end environments that utilize wood finishes, the Stealth Acoustics product line is also available with an unfinished veneer wood panel surface, of just about any species, which can then be finished to match the final wood trim of the room. The result is great sound and an end to the “Aesthetic Pollution” caused by cluttered walls and obtrusive loudspeaker grilles.

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