St. Francis of Assisi

San Jose, California

The acoustical design for the vaulted ceiling and windows in the sanctuary of this new 16,000 sq. ft. church required careful integration with the architectural design. Thorburn Associates helped The Steinberg Group create a space that was both majestic and airy without being too reverberant. Room acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical noise and vibration control services were provided for the Sacred Space (sanctuary), Gathering Space (fellowship hall), lobby, classrooms, and kitchen.

Audiovisual system designs were broken up into two systems. Both systems are very similar in design and were set up for the ease of operations and the minimal control requirements by the end users.

The Chapel, being the main worship space for the congregation, was based around an eight-channel automatic mixer with both microphone and line level inputs distributed throughout the sanctuary and choir portions of the Chapel.

The basis for the Fellowship hall was the same eight-channel automatic mixer found in the Chapel. Microphone and line level inputs are distributed throughout the room. The two audio systems can be combined together to form one large audio system which allows the Fellowship Hall to be used for spillover seating during a worship activity.

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