Focus on Technology: Audiovisual- A Quick-Start Guide to Video Conferencing Installation

December 1, 2011   
Let’s assume you have just received the new video-conferencing-system-in-a-box that you ordered online from AcmeAV. The room it will be installed in is relatively small, seating 10 to 12 people. Before you start unpacking all those cables and reading that

Focus on Lighting: Taking Control of Architectural Lighting

October 1, 2011   
Architectural lighting should be designed to complement your needs and as your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt accordingly.  Lighting controls are the answer.  Several options are available to help make your environment and your life more

LED Technology: Ready for Primetime?

August 1, 2011   
For some time, consumers have been excited about the energy savings and efficient production of light from LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology compared to traditional light sources (incandescent and fluorescent). Most lighting design professionals, however, still approach the general use

Project Profile: TA’s Most Memorable Projects

April 1, 2011   
We want to take a little trip down memory lane and showcase some of our most memorable and interesting projects. Space Shuttle Launch Blast Berm – We were part of the team that evaluated the impact of an earthen berm

Product Review: Christie MicroTiles™

October 1, 2010   
Christie’s new MicroTiles may become the new standard in video walls. Unveiled over the last year at various trade shows and events, MicroTiles are small display units measuring roughly 12 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches. Each weighs about

Focus on Lighting: The Importance of Color

October 1, 2010   
Lighting is often the forgotten design element. Though its effects are powerful, the medium itself is rather intangible. Because lighting can drastically affect atmosphere, and since it generally flies in under most people’s conscious radar, good lighting is an economical

Focus on Technology: Visual Presentation Spaces, Part I Understanding the 468 Rule

August 1, 2010   
Designing presentation facilities can be challenging, but the basic principles are not difficult. Each project and venue comes with its own set of variables and limitations that require some analysis to determine how to create the most optimal conditions. The

Focus on Technology: Design Build vs. Design Bid for Technology

April 1, 2010   
It is a common question: Should I have it designed or should I just go to a vendor to have the technology installed? When you break the question down, it comes down to Design (Planning) or Contracting (Building). Are design

Focus on Technology: Build the Perfect Teaching Station

February 1, 2009   
The perfect teaching station reflects the needs of the faculty; the facilities design group, and the technology maintenance people at the educational facility for which it is built. The instructors need a simple, no-hassle, minimal maintenance system that feels like

In the Zone

December 1, 2006   
You may not know that Thorburn Associates also designs presentation lighting. Lighting is essential to the success of a facility. Lighting, like sound, creates its own ambience and either blends harmoniously while providing needed support or literally stands out like