Product Review: Christie MicroTiles™

Christie’s new MicroTiles may become the new standard in video walls. Unveiled over the last year at various trade shows and events, MicroTiles are small display units measuring roughly 12 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches. Each weighs about 20 pounds and utilize DLP technology to create some of the most sharp and vividly colored images available on the market. Think LEGO meets digital signage. There is no practical limit to how many MicroTiles can be connected, allowing for the ultimate in creative flexibility.

Infrared sensors detect other MicroTiles in the array and automatically position each unit – allowing for quick setup and easy operation. The units continuously auto-calibrate across the array to prevent brightness discrepancies and auto-color-correct as well.

Although the displays are rated for a 7 year lifespan at 24/7 operation, any serviceable parts can be accessed from the front of the display.

Christie MicroTiles™ won the Best New Product of the year at InfoComm 2010.
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