Wake Forest Town Hall Council Chambers

Wake Forest, North Carolina

This newly constructed 2,200 square foot board room seats 100 with 11 people at the commissioner’s dais. Thorburn Associates provided an acoustical review with specific focus on achieving appropriate criteria for the board room. TA also provided full technology system design services for the board room, conference rooms and public lobby area, including webcast and cablecast capability. The main control system allows for centralized control of the room presentation system from the AV equipment room. High quality, in-ceiling loudspeakers in the public seating area of the Town Board Room provides even sound coverage, while ceiling loudspeakers used in the lobby/gathering area will allow anyone waiting outside the boardroom to hear the proceedings. Within the council chambers, four cameras were mounted to provide shots of the commissioners, public lectern and audience allowing the operator discrete control of each camera. Commissioners can view images on recessed LCD monitors at each seat, while the audience can view presentation materials on a projection screen located at the front of the town board room.

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