THROUGH THE YEARS… Celebrating 25 Years of Design Excellence! 1995-1997

Thorburn Associates is proud to have worked on a variety of projects throughout our first 25 years!


 dome 95-97

1995: Children’s Museum, Indianapolis,Indiana. The CineDome is the United States’ first iWERKS domed 15/70 theatre. TA designed the 7-channel cinema audio system layout; background music/paging system for theatre queue area; acoustics review; and IMAX performance standard testing of the theatre.


Spider Man 95-97

1996: Universal Studios Spider Man, Orlando, Florida. The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man is a hybrid ride combining a special roving motion vehicle with 3-D projection, elaborate physical sets, and tactile effects. TA developed the acoustical criteria for each ride zone; provided recommendations to control and contain sound from one scene impacting the next scene using wall selections, show action door specifications, and the selection and placement of acoustical treatments.



sap 95-97

1997: SAP Technology Showroom, Palo Alto, California. The Showroom encompasses 3 different systems/areas. TA worked closely with the client to identify the performance and equipment criteria they valued most: the theatre area incorporates a 2×4 video wall with 3 plasma display panels on each side; a large monitor allows clients to get a hands-on feel for the software; the video conferencing space has a horseshoe-shaped table facing a 60-inch rear projection screen and a document camera mounted above the table. A multiple source show control system controls all aspects of the systems.

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