THROUGH THE YEARS… Celebrating 25 Years of Design Excellence! 1998-2000

Thorburn Associates is proud to have worked on a variety of projects throughout our first 25 years!


1998: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California. The renovated 299-seat auditorium, used for interactive educational shows, incorporates live undersea video, special effects, surround sound, and audience response. A programmable control system runs the multiple sources including video, satellite feeds, laser disc, computer hard drive, and audio/video conferencing as well as lighting systems. TA provided acoustical, audiovisual and show control system design.


1999: St. John’s Episcopal Church, Johnson City, Tennessee. TA assisted with the renovation of this 600-seat liturgical church with a pipe organ by providing recommendations for acoustical finish materials. The goal was to control reverberation and echoes while still providing the desired reverberation times for the sanctuary.


2000: Riverside County Chambers, Riverside, California. Designed as a multi-purpose room, the chambers seat the 7 members of the County Board of Supervisors plus staff and the 35 board members with the Transportation Council. Six pan tilt zoom cameras provide coverage of the meetings. Images can be fed to the local cable system. Each Board and Council position has a local flat panel monitor for viewing of presented images. The audience views this information on two large
projection screens on either side of the room.

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