Safe Disposal Of Green Rhetoric

By: Steve Thorburn I admit it. I’m tired of being lectured to about green building and sustainability. I’m not tired of the concepts; I like to think that I have subscribed to and enacted sustainable practices in my life and work for many years. I’m tired of green being the color of the month, and… Read more »

More Client Expectations

By: Steve Thorburn “Learn who your client is, ask about their expectations, and listen to the answer.” That was how I closed my previous column, in which I detailed some of our experiences being on the client side of the fence, while building a new office space for Thorburn Associates’ North Carolina Facility. The team is… Read more »

Great Expectations

By: Steve Thorburn Do you know what your client expects from a project? Currently, we’re experiencing life from the client side of the fence, and learning from the experience. Thorburn Associates is expanding its offices in North Carolina. We grew, we ran out of room, and nobody liked the idea of running a second shift…. Read more »

Project News: TA now has a GSA number

Thorburn Associates has been awarded a GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract number from the US General Services Administration. TA is now in a position to directly bid on Government projects as a designer of audiovisual systems, security systems and data-telecom infrastructure. The GSA Federal Supply Schedules program is the preferred method of procurement for the… Read more »

Focus on Technology: How to Issue an RFP/RFQ

Over the years, Thorburn Associates has provided thousands of hours of training sessions at InfoComm conferences. One of the most popular sessions has been Lisa’s informative presentation on issuing RFP’s and RFQ’s. To help everyone understand the issuing process, here are some of the key elements of Lisa’s presentation. The process of solicitation takes several… Read more »

Talk It Out

Information management. That is what project management really consists of: Information management, i.e. communication. As project managers, we need to be responsible information managers. We need to keep people informed of when and what items are needed to keep the design moving. We need to make sure the products are ordered and in the shop… Read more »

CAVSP Certification

Certified Audio Visual Service Provider (CAVSP) is a certification process offered by InfoComm International that insures companies uphold the highest standards in the AV industry. CAVSP certified companies can help consumers make informed choices for their audiovisual projects. Word of mouth and advertising are marketing tools–but to be certified means skills are tested and documented…. Read more »

Way to Go! Federated Department Stores Receives Retailer of the Year Award

Congratulations go to Federated Department Stores (Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s) for receiving the “VM+SD/Peter Glen Retailer of the Year” award at the International Design Conference in Chicago, September 21-23. Honored as a “master of department store reinvention”, Federated embraces change and is determined to prove the vitality of the department store concept. They are currently striving to… Read more »

Devil In The Details

By: Steve Thorburn Let’s look at the word “submittal.” The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language’s third definition of submittal is: to commit (something) to the consideration or judgment of another. From a consultant’s point of view, submittals are printed documents or samples that define something. It could be the contractor’s qualifications, or products’… Read more »

Time Out Of Mind

By: Steve Thorburn Why does the last 20 percent of the project seem to take 80 percent of the time? Our challenge in the last few months has been dealing with or trying to deal with closeout submittals-one of those nasty little things that consultants require. It’s not that consultants want to make busy work… Read more »