Standards On-line and Up-to-Date

While attending the California Council Desert Practice Conference in October we had the chance to talk with David Richards of IHS Engineering. IHS is the world’s largest distributor of technical standards, codes, specifications, and related documents. Their Standards Store allows you to search and purchase individual documents from more than 450 technical societies around the… Read more »

Projection Screens You Can Write On

In smaller conference rooms it seems like there is never enough room for the white board and the projection screen. One option is to use the white board as the projection surface. While a white board that can be projected on may be just the solution you are looking for, there are some limitations. The… Read more »

Question of the Month: Automatic Microphone Mixer

Q. I have been told that installing an automatic microphone mixer in my sound system will eliminate feedback. Is this true? A. No! The complete elimination of feedback is a myth about automatic microphone mixers. Installing an automatic mixer will help control feedback by increasing the volume of the sound in the Public Address before… Read more »

Computer History Museum

One of the neat things about our corporate headquarters’ is its location in the San Francisco Bay area. We have two great baseball teams, two great football teams, arena football, soccer, hockey, and basketball plus many museums to visit once you’ve had your fill of professional sports. One of the neat things about our corporate… Read more »

Digital IMAX

Earlier this month at the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSTA) conference in Montréal, we had the chance to see Spiderman 2 on a big, IMAX size screen. If you have not been to an IMAX or other Large Format Cinema in the recent past, the screens are in the neighborhood of 60 feet tall by… Read more »

Cell Phones

Tired of cell phone interruptions and the poor etiquette of others when they are on cell phone calls? It seems that four churches in Monterrey, Mexico are too! They have started jamming calls. The $1,500 jammers are boxes about the size of walkie-talkies. As churchgoers walk into the sanctuary, the devices overwhelm the cellphones with… Read more »

InfoComm 04 Wrap Up

InfoComm 04 was a success by all measures, attendance was up, and more people were trained than ever before in the history of the conference. The sessions led by our team included: Facilities Design for Universities, June 5-7, 2004 (Three Days); Project Management, June 8, 2004 (All Day); Defining the Perfect Teaching Station for Colleges… Read more »

Another Neat New Loudspeaker

Part of the solution for the Bloomingdale’s Medinah Temple Home Store was finding a loudspeaker that sounded good, but had a small “form factor”. We had previously used TOA’s H-1 loudspeaker for pew back audio systems in churches and for sound masking systems. It was a natural fit for the Home Store. The H Series… Read more »

HDTV Update!

If you have been to your local electronics retailer lately, you likely noticed the explosion of HDTVs (High Definition Televisions). You might already own your own HDTV. With the FCC mandated conversion well under way, we felt it might be useful to re-visit this issue and discuss how it will affect AV presentation needs. In… Read more »

Invisible Loudspeakers

Stealth Acoustics produces a family of invisible, flat-panel loudspeakers, designed for flush wall or ceiling mounting that sound great! The new loudspeakers from Stealth Acoustics offer a truly invisible loudspeaker solution for whole house audio, surround sound, paging, masking, foreground music, board room audio and other applications that require a full-range loudspeaker with wide dispersion…. Read more »