Residential Wall Mounts for TV’s – Things to Think About – If you Must!

January 15, 2014   
Many issues must be addressed when mounting a TV on the wall in a Condominium, Apartment or Townhome. Most Condos have aluminum studs. These are great for construction but make it a little hard to attach and support the weight

Focus on Technology: Analog-to-Digital: The New Y2K? Part II

April 1, 2008   
As you may know, February 17, 2009 is the date on which, in the US, any TV stations still operating analog (NTSC) transmitters must shut them down. Without a converter box or a television, DVD/VCR, DVD Recorder with a digital

Product Perusal: Fire-Rated Back Boxes

April 1, 2007   
Back boxes have long been available for small applications such as loudspeakers, recessed lights or electrical boxes. They provide a fire-rated casing to separate these items from the insulation within a wall. Now you can get a back box big

TA Project Highlight: Mountain View Senior Center

December 1, 2006   
Thorburn Associates was hired to design the technology infrastructure, that is, locations for all the loudspeakers, projection screens, future locations for equipment racks, conduits and power requirements during the design phase of the Mountain View Senior Center. The one story

HDTV Update!

April 1, 2004   
If you have been to your local electronics retailer lately, you likely noticed the explosion of HDTVs (High Definition Televisions). You might already own your own HDTV. With the FCC mandated conversion well under way, we felt it might be

Display Technology – Part 1

June 1, 1999   
Purchasing the right video/computer projector can be a challenge. First you see an ad in a magazine touting the benefits of a $6000 projector. Then you see a portable computer projector at the office supply store sitting next to a