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THROUGH THE YEARS… Celebrating 25 Years of Design Excellence! 2001-2003

Thorburn Associates is proud to have worked on a variety of projects throughout our first 25 years!

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2001: Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and Offices, Santa Clara, California.  Phased construction of this three building replacement project included a hospital, medical office building, helipad, and central parking area. TA provided full acoustical design including an environmental review for the helicopter approach path over an adjacent residential area and vibration studies for the MRI suite.

Bartlett High School Theater project. Shot for Kumin Architects, Inc. Kumin and Bartlett High School have unlimited usage rights, no third party rights granted.

2002: Bartlett Community Theatre, Anchorage, Alaska. This new Performing Arts Wing includes a 400-seat auditorium with full production capabilities and rehearsal rooms for band, choir, orchestra, and dance. TA provided audiovisual system design including music recording and playback for rehearsal rooms and auditorium sound system with plug-and-play capabilities for small productions and full mix capabilities for larger productions.

2003: The Plaza Apartments, San Francisco, California. The result of an innovative public housing program, the Plaza Apartments provides permanent, dignified housing with on-site health and social services for 106 chronically homeless people. TA provided acoustical design including recommendations for exterior window and wall constructions to meet Title 24 sound isolation requirements; preliminary design for sound and impact isolation between units; and acoustical design standards for party wall and floor/ceiling constructions.

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