Product Review: LiveWires—Custom Fit In-Ear Monitors

LiveWires, from Earpeace Technologies, is a truly unique holiday gift for the music lover in your life. Because Livewires are custom fit (an impression is made of your ear by an audiologist) these in-ear monitors are amazingly comfortable and produce exceptional sound. In-ear monitors (IEM’s) are like earbuds inserted directly into the ear. Unlike earbuds,… Read more »

Digital Signage Update

Digital Signage is gaining widespread acceptance. When Eric Cronwall, one of TA’s Senior Audiovisual Consultants, first presented a technical session on digital signage at InfoComm in 2003, digital signage was in its infancy in the U.S. Back then, this new use for AV display technologies tied with networks for the creation, distribution and management of… Read more »

Product Review: Perforated Wood Panels

The need to adjust the acoustics in a commercial setting is apparent in many common areas. Common areas planned for only pedestrian circulation are now being converted into lobbies, break rooms and cafeterias that need a balanced reverberation time to create a comfortable, amiable atmosphere. Not enough reverberation and the room sounds dead; conversely, too… Read more »

Product Perusal: Fire-Rated Back Boxes

Back boxes have long been available for small applications such as loudspeakers, recessed lights or electrical boxes. They provide a fire-rated casing to separate these items from the insulation within a wall. Now you can get a back box big enough for a Plasma, LCD or TV screen. The result is that the front of… Read more »

Product Perusal: Zigbee

Zigbee is a low power consumption WiPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network). Zigbee is a protocol, similar to Bluetooth technology, which runs the WiPAN for low data rates. It is geared toward remote controlled technology to extend battery life. For example, the remote control at a podium or teaching station can use Zigbee to signal the… Read more »

Where am I?

Or how fast am I going? Or how do I get there from here? GPS, or Global Positioning System, isn’t just for finding the way from the airport to your hotel via the nearest Starbucks anymore. GPS is a satellite navigation system funded and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense. The signals from the… Read more »

The Low-Down on Noise Canceling Headphones

In a recent meeting, the gauntlet was tossed to us. I want to get a set of noise canceling headphones for Christmas, what should I ask Santa for? As a leader in helping make things quiet we eagerly took up this challenge. Noise canceling headphones are not new. Steve Thorburn started traveling with a pair… Read more »

Eye in the Sky; WolfVision’s Ceiling Visualizer

WolfVision’s Ceiling Visualizer is an overhead document camera that allows you to show detailed drawings, products or anything else the light field can encompass. Whether you’re using a document camera in a classroom to show the difference between hybrid rose and sunflower stems or in the conference room to show new designs, you have the… Read more »

Get Your Wobulator Upgraded

Wobulation is to HDTV what glaze is to doughnuts. Of course, you can eat a plain doughnut–a few people would say they even prefer them–but really, doesn’t that gooey sugary coating make the doughnut better? Wobulation makes a digital image better by allowing it to be projected at double its resolution–without changing the light or… Read more »